What Did OBI-WAN Do On TATOOINE On His Free Time??

Many questions come from what Obi-Wan did during the time before Episode 4 takes place. In a few comics, that timeline is more explored. Apparently, Obi-Wan had plenty to do. He would fight off sand people and thugs. He wouldn’t use his lightsaber not only to keep his identity hidden but also to keep himself fit.

Obi-Wan also would watch over Luand to protect him. He had also in one instance, helped Luke out. Obi Wan made a deal with the Jawas to sell Luke the right parts to fix up an old speeder. Uncle Owen had found out and returned to the parts to Obi Wan along with telling him to leave them all alone. He had become very lonely and his only company was Qui Gon’s force ghost.

He would often speak about how bad the food was compared to the food served at the Jedi Temple. He would even make jokes to himself. He slowly sort of went insane. I guess it was perfect that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were killed or else it would’ve been difficult to get close to Luke. Hopefully, we’ll get an Obi Wan movie with Ewan and Liam, that would be unreal.

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