There Can Only Be One Tommy Oliver : Boom Studios’ : Shattered Grid 2018 Annual Review

Boom Studios just released their Shattered Grid 2018 annual and it is full of awesome stories that continue the Shattered Grid Universe. the book takes us to some of Power Ranger Fans favorite universes like Zeo, SPD, Space, RPM and even Ninja Steel. This story jumps right in after #26 and we get to see more of what Lord Drakkon‘s overall plan is by taking Power Ranger morphers and adding it to his power.

We start off in the Zeo universe the first major thing that we see is that Tommy Oliver is still alive. As we saw in #26 Shattered Grid has separated the timelines so anything that happened in one timeline seemingly does not affect the other. For example, Tommy is alive as the Red Zeo Ranger. The story takes place right as Jason the Gold Ranger departs his team and is being thrown a going away party.

Things go pretty well and we also get an awesome moment between Jason and Tommy on top of the command center where we finally see Jason praise Tommy for what he has done as a leader and why Jason was so willing to give up his leadership to him. Jason leaves and we cut to the rest of the team partying when Tommy teleports out.

Here is the big kicker we cut to a scene where Tommy’ is tied to a chair and the Tommy we have been following is Lord Drakkon

This takes the story to a whole new level because at the end of this conversation between the two of them we figure out what Lord Drakkon’s overall plan is. He intends to travel between timelines extracting powers from their respective teams and adding it to his.

We also get a served with a huge blow and Lord Drakkon Kills Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver


We seem to be getting a Highlander feel in Shattered Grid where Lord Drakkon is erasing all Tommy Oliver’s from the universe.


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