Skyward #1 Plummets Hard Into The Ground

Life is going well for Willa and her mom and dad, but then something extraordinary happens to the world in Skyward #1.

Willa was born shortly before what has become known as G-Day.  On G-Day the world’s gravity became greatly reduced. People and objects began to float into the air.  One of those people was her mother. However, as fun as that may sound her mother may have died on G-Day.

20 years have passed since that day and Willa is now some kind of courier and delivers packages.  A world with low gravity allows for new opportunities for people. One person is Willa’s boss, Edison, he doesn’t have any legs.  However, this doesn’t stop him and is able to fly around the city the same as everyone else. Willa has a crush on him, but can’t seem to not accidently insult him.

Everyone has grown accustomed to this new reality and Willa wouldn’t want to live with gravity.  However, Willa’s dad, Nate, knows something about why G-Day happened. On G-Day Nate said no one believed him but it was happening.  Is he a scientist or a conspiracy theorists?

I did not like this comic very much.  This issue did a good job setting up what happened, but it didn’t say why.  We will get the why in following issues I’m sure. However, I need some kind of hook.  I need something to keep me wanting to keep reading. Having a low gravity world is an incredibly small hook.  

I would like to see have the world has changed.  The world looks exactly the same. With low gravity I assume exercise would be a lot harder.  At one point we see Nate exercising with bands in order to create resistance. However, you would think more people would be fat, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Losing gravity would be a big change, but we don’t get to see any repercussions of that.

Art was really the best part of the comic.  The sad part is the art is just ok. It is perfectly satisfactory.  I can’t say it is amazing, but is also not bad. Having ok art be the best part of a comic is not a great thing for a comic.

The story was just so boring and uneventful.  At this point the whole story is based on having low gravity.  I wanted a look into a completely different world and not just the same world with low gravity.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  It would be better for a comic to really try but fail rather than a half-assed comic.  This felt like a half-assed comic especially storywise. I can respect ambitious and weird comics, but not trying is the worst sin in my opinion.

In the following issues I really hope the story picks up and stuff happens because this is an unexplored concept.  However, right now the comic is really boring.







Written by: Joe Henderson

Art by: Antonio Fabela and Lee Garbett

Cover by: Lee Garbett

Release: 4/18/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics


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