PAX East: PUBG’s Miramar Map Releases for Xbox One in May

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be releasing the Miramar map on the Xbox One this May. News of the release date was revealed during a panel at PAX East where Xbox’s Major Nelson, Playerunknown himself Brendan Greene, and  Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, were teasing the panel and had said that during the panel they would be playing the game.

During the PUBG panel, while the matches and talks about the game were going on, Greene had announced that the Miramar map will be releasing to the Xbox One in May. Shortly after the announcement, Xbox’s Arron Green went on Twitter to repeat the news of the announcement.

And before Greene was able to announce the map, Xbox’s Nico Bihary, who has been helping to get the battle royale game on the Xbox, revealed that there will be more news announced in April.

The previous release timeframe for the desert map to be released to the Xbox version of the game was slated for “early spring,” and that was according to the devs. The good thing is now with a confirmed month, the date will hopefully be announced soon. And with a second map option, the players won’t just be limited to the Erangel map. And a 3rd map was teased for the PC players, so that map will hopefully be released to the Xbox One later down the line.

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