Comic Rewind: The Infinity Gauntlet

The Mad Titan Thanos has all six Infinity Gems and he is ready to unleash his plan in The Infinity Gauntlet.

The Silver Surfer comes crashing through Doctor Strange’s skylight with an important message.  “Thanos is coming,” is about all he can say before passing out.

Thanos was brought back from the dead by the literal embodiment of death.  He grew to love her and is trying to impress her. What better way to impress Death than killing half the population of the universe?

When you are killing half the population you need a good vantage point.  Thanos makes a throne for himself and Death to watch everyone die. All it takes is a snap of Thanos’ fingers and half of every human, mutant, robot or any living creature on Earth and the whole universe disappears.

Everyone is freaking out and Captain America checks in with other heroes including the X-Men to see if anyone knows what is going on.  Only one person knows exactly what is happening and how to stop it, Adam Warlock. Warlock used to live in the Soul Gem and has fought Thanos before.

All the heroes and even Doctor Doom meet at Avengers HQ to plan their next move.  Meanwhile Thanos is destroying planets trying to impress Death. He even gets his brother, Eros, and his granddaughter, Nebula, and tortures them to impress Death.  However, she doesn’t really seem to care what he does.

Warlock tells everyone the plan to defeat Thanos.  The plan is very simple and consists of everyone who can fight trying to take out Thanos.  However, Warlock and Silver Surfer hang back and wait for the exact right moment to strike.

Infinity Gauntlet was written by Jim Starlin with art by Ron Lim and George Perez.  Marvel Comics published the story in 1991.

I thought with the release of Avengers: Infinity War it would be a great idea to re-read and write a review on the main source for the movie.

Reading older comics for me is really hard.  They don’t hold up a lot of times and are written in a very campy way.  However, this is not one of those comics.  The only thing which gives the age away is the art and characters.

All the colors are from a color palette you don’t see anymore.  It is very colorful but has a matte finish. The character designs are really old too.  Many of the characters use costumes we don’t see anymore. Some of the actual characters are totally different too.  An example is Drax has a cape and is almost as big as Hulk.

Thanos looks so strong in this.  The heroes through everything they have at him and it has no effect.  They call in some heavy hitters and just when I think Thanos may have trouble he kills them.

However, there is no fighting until the fourth issue.  Everything prior to that is just set-up to the fight. I don’t typically like comics so slow paced, but this did it well.  It never felt boring and Thanos looked like the scary villain he is with the Infinity Gems.

The story is just so packed with heroes and powerful foes getting their ass kicked by Thanos.  It is truly awesome seeing such a powerful foe. This is worth a read for anyone who wants to see more Thanos.  This is also a good primer to who Thanos is and just how powerful those gems are.


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