Beefing Up In The Beef #3

The Beef unleashes his incredible beef powers on a cop in The Beef #3.

At the end of the previous issue Vodino sent a cop after Chuck Carter to basically “take care of him” or at least it was that kind of conversation.  The cop finds Carter and Carter beefs up. Only when he unleashes the awesome power of a cow is Carter able to hold his own.

We also see that turning into The Beef is not Carter’s only change.  He also has four boobs and is lactating.

I have had many problems with this series.  Every issue I hope for the best and more importantly I hope it starts making sense.  The story had been going in five different directions at once. This is a bad thing because it was hard to decide what kind of comic this is.  

It is with great pleasure that I can announce I didn’t hate this issue.  The cop was pretty funny while he was fighting Carter. He was saying these super patriotic things to himself like his body pumps red, white and blue pride.  It was pretty funny how delusional he was. He was definitely supposed to be the butt of the joke.

Carter having four lactating boobs was also really funny.  This issue had a lot of humor and added a ton of enjoyment to the issue.  Carter is also basically Aquaman now, but with cows. He can talk with them, but with his mind.  They will do his bidding and that is funny.

However, I still had problems with this issue.  I still don’t really know what is going on or why.  A new problem I want to address is all the Spanish in all the issues.  I live in southern California so I know a little Spanish, but this has a lot of Spanish.  

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was only a little or it was Spanish words most people know.  However, it is not and I don’t want to have to look up a ton of sentences. It is distracting and takes me out of the world and enjoyment of the comic.  The worst part is the sentences are not even that important to the story. I just wasted time looking something up which was pointless.

After reading three issues of the comic I am beginning to wonder if this comic is trying to give me a message.  There is a lot of talk about the treatment, conditions and execution of the cows. It looks like it may be trying to make be vegetarian.  A bunch of talks of toxins in beef too.

However, it didn’t work because I really want to turn into an inside out muscle man known only as The Beef and I must eat beef to achieve that.

A really interesting part of each issue is the making of the covers.  This comic really is just a art project in many ways and the covers show that side the most.  I think I like the making of the covers the most out of any of the issues.

This issue is by far the best of the three, but it is still not very good.  The problems with story or lack thereof is just too big to overlook. However, the comic is going in the right direction and just needs to speed up to get on track faster.






Written by: Tyler Shainline and Richard Starkings

Art by: Shaky Kane

Cover by: Shaky Kane and Ross Hell

Release: 4/25/18

Issue: 3

Publisher: Image Comics


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