AVENGERS INFINITY WAR: Soul Stone Theory Explained

**warning, this article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War**

As explained by our favorite red-faced friend, the Soul Stone is different than the other Infinity Stones in that it possesses a certain “wisdom.” In order for one to prove they understand and respect  its power, one must sacrifice that which they love. In the case of Thanos, this is only his Little One, Gamora.

After his sacrifice, Thanos wakes up in a shallow pool, magically transported to the bottom of the hill on Vormir with the Soul Stone in hand. If you notice, above him the sky is a haunting shade of orange, matching that of the stone.

Then after Thanos uses the full might of the gauntlet to enact his plan, he is again magically transported to a void where a young Gamora asks, “Did you do it? What did it cost?” Again, the sky glows a haunting orange color. Is this place metaphorical? Possibly, but let’s explore another option.

In the comics, the Soul Stone is protected by Adam Warlock, and allows its user to manipulate the souls of living beings, both living and dead, however he so chooses. This includes stealing souls, controlling beings, or altering life itself.

The stone is also a gateway to a “pocket universe”, which is where beings are contained whose souls were stolen. Could this “pocket universe” be where Thanos is taken in his final scene with little Gamora? It’s possible that her soul is trapped within this universe, forever bonded with the soul of the stone wielder, her own murderer. Might a lifetime of tormenting from his victim be enough to drive the Titan truly “mad?”

Setting its own nature up this way would be a crafty play by the “wise” stone and would bring an entirely new meaning to Red Skull’s warning that it “extracts a great cost.” If true, there could be hope for the Avengers to use this situation to their advantage.

If you pay attention to Thanos’ gauntlet throughout the film, you’ll notice that each of the stones lights up as he uses their power. We never see him use the Mind or Soul stones individually, though what if the Soul Stone was the stone required to wipe away half of the souls in the universe? It could mean that all of the souls are actually contained within the same pocket universe, and it would therefore be possible to save them. Will the Avengers find a way?


What do you think of this theory? Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait another year to find out.

Avengers 4 opens May 3, 2019.

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