‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Dominates the Box Office, Shatters Opening Weekend Record with $258.2M

Heading into its opening weekend, the only true question about the box office for Avengers: Infinity War was where among the top three it would land. Now we have an answer and a definitive one at that. Avengers: Infinity War holds the record for the best opening weekend ever with $258.2M, surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($247.9M).

Infinity War opened strong, taking in a stunning $39M in Thursday night previews. For box office purposes, that money is considered part of a film’s Friday take, which was an incredible $106.7M. Marvel Studios latest #1 film followed that up with the best Saturday gross in cinematic history, raking in an additional $83M and then holding very strong to take in a projected $67M on Sunday, another record one day take. The question now is given a 3-week unchecked run in theaters, will the movie have legs?

The film, which begins the process of wrapping up 10 years of longform storytelling by Marvel Studios has divided critics, some of whom feel left out in the cold by a film that demands audiences to have seen previous films in the series. Fans, however, seem much more comfortable with the film, giving in an “A” Cinemascore. We will update this story as final totals are reported.

Source: Deadline

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