All-New Wolverine #33 Review (Or Why Aren’t You Reading Wolverine?)

Recap: All-New Wolverine #31

To recap, All-New Wolverine #31 had Wolverine, Honey Badger, Deadpool and a LITERAL wolverine (his name is Jonathan) break into a lab.  It was awesome! There was a horde of cute zombiefied bunnies!  Squishy! If you don’t think that’s awesome, stop reading now and go somewhere else.

If you want the full story on how that situation came to be, read All-New Wolverine #1-30 (plus the annual.  It has an awesome Spider-Gwen crossover.  Literally!). For just the highlights, read All-New Wolverine #1-7, 19-24, and then 31 (or read Volumes 1, 2, and 4 of the tradepaperbacks).  The Guardians of the Galaxy show up! Rocket builds another mega-bomb and Baby Groot makes a new friend!

Another Recap (cause I like recaps): All-New Wolverine #32

To recap last month, issue #32, Laura (the All-New Wolverine) goes on a business-trip to Vanuatu (it’s like Hawaii, but French).  There is a tragic back story, tacky Hawaiian shirts, and (minor spoiler) LITERAL boots for stompin’!  For more tragic back story, and less Hawaiian shirts, read the original X-23 mini-series!  To FULLY squeeze all the enjoyment out of this story, you should read issues #25-30.

Finally, All-New Wolverine #33’s Review!

All-New Wolverine #33 goes off the rails and jumps to THE FUTURE!!!  However, Tom Taylor has decided to buck the trend and not go with the grizzled, white-haired, bearded hero that is currently in vogue. Instead of Mad Max, we get Back to the Future Part 2!  A hopeful future, where mankind hasn’t screwed up completely (but could still screw up later).

We meet the Wolverine & Company of the future (Did you notice this Wolverine only has one claw per hand?).  Life is perfect … except for two sad, sad things.  Now New-New Wolverine and Old Woman Laura must go on “one last adventure” to set things right!  While this is a nice set-up, I think it’s TOO NICE a set-up.  Wolverines can NEVER be happy. I expect a twist coming soon.

Tom Taylor creates a cool future that I would like to explore in other stories (the Future President is awesome).  All the popular Marvel futures are dystopian nightmares (where everyone’s clothes are torn).  I think Taylor could continue writing a glowing future that is just as interesting as the dark ones.

Artist Ramon Rosanas has a nice clean style that brings a cinematic feel to Taylor’s future.  You can really see the body language and facial expressions of the characters.  Colorist Nolan Woodard shows us a bright future without being overwhelming.  The colors nicely set a specific tone for each scene.

While I really enjoyed this issue, I can’t endorse it as a starting point for new readers (for long time readers, there are tons of easter eggs). I think Tom Taylor is setting up a finale that will reward those who stuck by this quirky book.  I’m hoping to give a perfect review for the final issue of this arc.

The Wrap Up

Writer Tom Taylor’s run on All-New Wolverine has been one of the highlights of Marvel comics in the last few years.  It goes to the top of my comic-pile when it comes out (I then go into withdrawal until the next issue).  He has a distinct writing voice that mixes the funny, mundane parts of a superhero’s life (have you had a Twenty-Five with chicken?) and the action-packed adventures you expect from the comics.  Bonus, the adventures often directly influence the future of Wolverine’s life.  Unlike Spider-Man, who will ALWAYS be a sad-sack.  Single guy sad-sack, married sad-sack, fathering sad-sack…

Sadly, All-New Wolverine will be coming to an end this year (the beer guzzling Wolverine “comes back from the dead”).  HOWEVER! Tom Taylor will continue to write X-Men Red, Jean Grey’s team of X-Men, which also stars the Wolverine and Honey Badger!  With only two issues out, I can already tell X-Men Red will be a continued must-read.  And launching in July 2018 is an all-new all-different X-23 comic written by Mariko Tamaki!

All New Wolverine #33

3 out of 5 SNIKTS

Next Month!

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