A Second Round of Rumors About a Marvel Studios ‘Eternals’ Franchise Emerges

Last week, a new website popped up seemingly specifically for the purpose of informing fans that rumors were swirling about Marvel Studios developing an Eternals film. That rumor was immediately disputed by a former super-duper Apex scooper, Umberto Gonzalez, and after a few days in the news cycle, the buzz seemed to die down a bit. Then yesterday, Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool rekindled the fire. According to Rich, Marvel Studios has been meeting with writers about The Eternals and an announcement about the film is expected to take place “imminently.”

The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby upon his return to Marvel Comics in 1976 and basically bridge Earth to the larger Cosmic Entity/Diety, The One-Above-All, via the Celestials. Essentially gods on Earth, the main group of Eternals, and their evolutionary counterparts the Deviants,  existed on Earth before recorded history and were responsible for the collective mythology/theology of mankind. The scripts, which were very high concept and cerebral, and the art work are distinctly Kirby and were done during one of his most prolific times. With Marvel Studios looking to open up the Cosmic side of the universe, an Eternals franchise could serve the same purpose in the cinematic universe as it did in the comics.

I’ve never met Rich but he and I have had open lines of communication for several years now. While I cannot independently confirm or deny any development is taking place around the Eternals (and trust me, I’ve been trying), but I can tell you this: Rich trusts his source and is not misleading anyone or generating hype, he is only passing along some cool information that he fully believes to be true. While there’s a lot of uncertainty about The Eternals (mostly because many people just aren’t too familiar with them), I am fully on board with Marvel Studios developing the property as a franchise, so I am very hopeful that these two rumors represent a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” scenario and not an echo chamber, which sometimes happens.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops!


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