A New Pokemon Is Getting A Manga Spotlight Series


The newest Mythical Pokemon is getting its own manga series next month. The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has announced that they are running a new manga series featuring the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora just ahead of the release of the new upcoming Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. The manga, which is titled Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story Side Story – Episode Zeraora is set to begin in May and is being drawn by Kemon Kawamoto, who has previously drawn the manga tie-ins for both Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel and Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You.

No US adaption plans were announced, but previous manga adaptions of the movie have been picked up by Viz Media, and eventually released in the US. Zeraora was officially introduced to the world earlier this week and will be making its first official appearance in the next Pokemon movie. An Electric-Type Pokemon, Zeraora can move at lightning-fast speeds thanks to its ability to charge the air around it.

The Pokemon movies have had a long history of featuring Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. The most recent movie, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, used the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow as the movie’s antagonist. For right now, we don’t completely know how Zeraora will play into the movie, other than it will have a very mysterious connection to a young girl named Largo, who lives in the forest alone.

The movie will be opening in movie theaters in Japan on July 13th. While no plans for an English release have been announced yet, we’ll likely get a limited theater run followed by an airing on Disney XD sometime in the fall.

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