Wondercon 2018: KRYPTON, Who Will Join From The DC Universe?

The future of SyFy’s Krypton is an ambitious one. Three years in the making, the pilot had a successful March 21st premiere. Moving forward however, much is expected from this freshman show with a deep source material. One of the big debates among fans is who will appear in the story as it progresses.

During their WonderCon 2018 panel in Anaheim this weekend the cast and crew touched that they have “multiple universes” to play with. Could characters from other Earths show up? Here is a breakdown of some of my choices.

What could be

Showrunner Cameron Welsh was asked if the Lantern Corp will make an appearance. He answered that it’s “something that would be a natural fit for us.” He then followed it up asking if anyone would be interested in seeing the Omega Men, to a smattering of applause from those gathered.

This leaves the possibility for Kyle Rayner to make an appearance. A member of both the Omega Men and the Green Lantern Corp he would fit both of Welsh’s options.

Also a good choice would be Hal Jordan’s predecessor Abin Sur. Since this tale takes place in the past it’s possible to see this Green Lantern instead. Abin Sur was considered the greatest Lantern before Jordan and could lend a hand when things become dire.

Also mentioned was the possibility of going to Thanagar. It was revealed in SDCC ’17 that Hawkwoman would make an appearance. With Hawkman’s renewed popularity thanks to Dark Nights: Metal it would not be surprising to see him make an appearance. It just begs to question which of his many origins could fit in with the story line.

Also teased in the panel “There’s a little Flamebird easter egg that we’ll first get to around episode 8.” Pre-Crisis the original Flamebird was Jimmy Olsen along side a powerless Kal-El inside The Bottle City of Kandor. Later the mantle was passed along to Ak-Var. For more coverage on this read the article by Kat Bloodgood here.

If Flamebird appears on the show, then Nightwing should also come out. Yes, there was another one beforehand. Pre-Crisis while visiting The Bottle City of Kandor Kal-El was branded an outlaw and, with no powers, played the original Nightwing. Post-Crisis however Superman tells Dick Grayson about the myth of Nightwing. Set within the shows time period there was a man who was cast out from his family and decided to take on crime as the vigilante.

H’El would make an excellent character in the show. His whole tale revolves around trying to save Krypton from being destroyed. In the story arc H’El on Earth his mission is to return to the past to achieve this.

Adam Strange was considered an interesting choice by fans as the time traveller trying to save Superman’s existance. One popular fan favorite was Booster Gold. The creators haven’t ruled out his appearance in the series, but have given reasons for not choosing him.

My personal favorite option is the New Gods. Welsh said we will see characters never before seen in a live action show. At the very least I am hoping for a mention of “two planets at war” once life on other planets is established and not heresy.

You may be wondering why Lex makes an appearance on this list. First we already know that Krypton will follow Strange to modern day Earth. Also Johns said. “There are others already on Krypton and as the series progresses, we’ll bring in some more.” Who would want Clark out of the way more than Luthor. Then he could have Lois and the planet all to himself.

Coming Soon

As seen at the end of the first episode Brainiac looks to be the big bad for at least this season. After the brief glimpse I have to say this is the best looking incarnation outside the comics.

Geoff Johns has also confirmed that Braniac will bring with him the deadly Black Mercy. Who will fall mercy to them?

The only character to “kill” Superman to date, Doomsday is a must for this series. With his origins in ancient Krypton I wonder how they will introduce this monster. Seeing as how television is very original I wouldn’t be surprised if one “soldier” is selected to undergo a procedure involving a “serum” that will make him “super” only for things to go horribly wrong.

Also appearing soon is Jax-Ur. A former scientist turned underground terrorist, Hannah Waddingham will play the leader of Black Zero.

Johns also confirmed at last years SDCC we will see Hawkwoman. She will travel with Adam Strange to help save the future.

It was announced we will see General Zod in the show. We have seen Jayna Zod as the current leader of Kandor’s Military guild. Her daughter Lyta currently has a tryst with Seg-El. How will this play into her descendants future with the Man of Steel?

Who would you like to see appear? How would you fit them in the story. Answer in the comments below and share your thoughts and opinions.

Also don’t forget to watch Straight After Krypton live every Wednesday at 8:30pm PST where we breakdown the current episode and discuss with you what happened and what may happen.

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