Wondercon 2018: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’s Lennie James Hints at Duane’s Return

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**potential spoilers ahead for upcoming storylines on Fear, and past storylines on TWD**

Fear The Walking Dead is gearing up for its season four premiere, and the biggest anticipated plot point of the new season will be how and why Lennie James’ Morgan enters the scene. Morgan first appeared on the parent show, The Walking Dead, in the series premiere as the stranger who gives – a newly awakened from a coma – Rick the 411 about the zombie apocalypse. Although the character had only appeared in that one episode, he left a lasting impression on fans who wondered for years about the fate of Morgan, and his son.

James returned in another one off episode in the season 3 episode Clear, which showed Morgan in the throws of a mental breakdown. It would be two more years until we see the character of Morgan who has seemingly recovered from his PTSD, and boy were fans excited to see him. Finally, James was made into a full time cast member in season 6.

Yesterday’s press conference with Fear The Walking Dead cast members Garret Dillahunt, Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grace, Colman Domingo, Alycia Debnam-Carey and Danay Garcia, showrunners Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, and executive producers Scott M. Gimple, and Greg Nicotero didn’t reveal much about the upcoming season, but there was much excitement for newly acquired cast member Lennie James.

Here are some more tidbits that we learned….


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Morgan’s son Duane made his first and unfortunately last appearance in the series premiere of The Walking Dead. Their father/son bond was touching, and they arguably appeared to have a more solid connection than Rick and Carl. Although Morgan tried to shield Duane away from the horror of his mother’s fate as a walker – that he couldn’t quite bring himself to kill – he made sure that he and his son were prepared to protect themselves from a similar fate. The decision that Morgan made to not kill his walker wife Jenny would be Duane’s undoing. In season 3’s Clear we see that “Duane Turned” is written on the wall. Morgan tells Rick later that he left Duane alone to go check on something in the basement and when he returned he saw that Duane was pointing a gun at his mother. However, just like his father, but unlike Carl, Duane couldn’t shoot her so she bit him. Morgan finally put Jenny out of her misery, but it was too late for Duane.

It was never confirmed whether Morgan killed Duane, but at Saturday’s panel someone asked if we would see Duane back on the show to which Lennie James responded, “His dead son, you might”. 

Ugh. Sophia was bad enough. I don’t need to see Walker Duane.


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Remember those creatures that everyone is supposed to be battling? You know, those things that the show is named after? Well if you’ve been watching The Walking Dead then you might not remember that once upon a time the biggest threat were zomb…ahem…excuse me, walkers. Fear the Walking Dead is a show that was made to compliment its parent show, and has been more of a slow burn than when The Walking Dead first stepped on the scene. Since season 4’s introduction to big baddie The Governor, The Walking Dead has faced major criticism in its recycled storytelling. The majority of the fan base long for the days when the walkers were more than just window dressing. While yes, The Walking Dead universe has been a great character study of ethics, personal growth, and survival of the fittest, its become more of a soap opera drama than a horror show.

Showrunner Scott Gimple assured us that walkers will become a bigger threat to your favs over at Fear The Walking Dead. 


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Jenna Elfman is someone we haven’t seen on our tv screens on a full time basis in quite some time, and the horror genre is new territory for this seasoned actress. She and fellow newcomer Maggie Grace were asked if they had a “geek out” moment when they came aboard the project. While Grace expressed general excitement over being a part of a solid cast in a solid franchise with a hardcore fanbase, Elfman was a little more specific;

I geeked out on him pretty hard [points to Colman]. In the trailer I was getting my hair and makeup done, he walked in, I was like ‘hold up!’ Come here I need to hug you.

She continued to dive into how much of a fan she was of the series, and how thematic the upcoming season would be. It’s always fun to not only have actors in these roles that have followed the source material, but that they also seem to love their job.

Sitting in this press room was almost like doing an interview with Marvel cast members. Everyone was pretty tight lipped about major happenings in season 4. There were a lot of vague generic statements, or the panelists trailed off in fear of saying too much. I will say that I am tempted to check out this series now especially since I had to check out of the main show.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, April 15 at 10p. It moves back to its 9p timeslot the following week.

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