We Have Details And Images For A Few THE LAST JEDI Deleted Scenes!

Breathe…..Just Breathe…. The Last Jedi is finally dropping on Digital Release in a week and everyone here at That Hashtag Show can’t wait!

What I’m excited about are all those snazzy deleted scenes that will be included. Now we do know there will be Fourteen deleted scenes!

With just one scene actually shown this far and a listing of all the scene’s themselves, not a lot has been known about them. UNTIL NOW.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have some images and details for Five of the scenes.

The scenes we have info on our “BB-8 Reveals Rey’s Goodbye,” “Rey and the Raiders of the Caretaker Village,” “Luke In Mourning,” “The Supremacy Infiltration,” and “A Different Phasma Showdown.”

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