Warner Bros. Courting Christopher McQuarrie to Helm ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Back in July, we were the first to tell you that Rupert Wyatt was attached to Warner Bros. Green Lantern Corps film. At the time of the report, that was accurate but, in the world of film making, especially for DC films, things are always dynamic and Wyatt is no longer attached. With the restructuring of DC’s film slate at the end of 2017, some films found themselves moved down the list and others off the list in general, but Green Lantern Corps made the cut and the studio still hopes to have it in theaters sometime in 2020 (February 14 and June 5 have been set aside for as yet Untitled film in that year). As such, the search for a new director is ongoing and we have heard from a source that they are looking at Christopher McQuarrie to helm the sci-fi adventure!

After writing the Academy Award winning script for The Usual Suspects back in 1995, McQuarrie’s profile has been on the rise over the past several years thanks to his work behind the camera on, Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation and the upcoming Mission: Impossible-Fallout. McQuarrie has also been at work behind the scenes, crafting screenplays for Jack the Giant Slayer, The Edge of Tomorrow and 2017’s The Mummy.

In looking at his work, it doesn’t take too long to see that star Tom Cruise is a staple in a McQuarrie film and it doesn’t seem entirely crazy to at least wonder if McQuarrie signing on for the film might help draw Cruise’s interest to the project. The current draft of the film would give us an older, experienced Hal Jordan who is already a Green Lantern Corps vet when he meets newcomer John Stewart. The studio is looking to cast an actor in the 39-50 age range and while Cruise sits just a bit outside that box (55) he’s certainly an exception to most rules.

For now we’ll keep our eye on this story while it develops and see if McQuarrie does in fact sign on the dotted line. If he does, we won’t be the only ones wondering if Cruise, whose time to find himself attached to one of these major comic book IPs is winding down, won’t be too far behind him.



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