STAR WARS: Andy Serkis Explains Snoke’s Injuries

In an interview with Andy Serkis, he was able to talk a little bit more about his character Snoke. Everyone’s been wondering about his injuries and what the heck happened to him (my theory is he either got in a lightsaber duel with Jar Jar Binks or he fell through a giant sink garbage disposal).

Andy says that “It has to do with previous battles and a sort of decay as well. The battle scars are affecting his recovery and his body is starting to break down as well.” Andy also thinks that Snoke is a couple of hundred years old. This makes us wonder who he was fighting and what kind of skills they possessed to be able to damage a guy as seemingly powerful as Snoke.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this in Star Wars. In the video game Knights of the Old Republic II, Darth Sion was completely broken apart and was held together by the Darkside of the force. Scion was killed many times but he always came back to life because the Darkside was in control of his body. Hopefully, we’ll get more answers in the final film.

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