REVIEW: Riverdale Chapter 27 – The Hills Have Eyes


Welcome back Riverdale! We’ve missed you. This week’s episodes revolves primarily around the core four (Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead) on a weekend trip to the “Lodge, Lodge,” with a little sprinkle of Riverdale thrown in. However, some of my favorite moments came out of those sprinkles.


Initially, thinking Cheryl was quickly being written out of the episode, it turns out she was just the catalyst for the cabin drama and quickly (albeit messily) had the biggest turn and most vulnerable moment in the episode.


After calling Jughead and dropping the bomb about Archie and Betty kissing (#CherylBombshell), Cheryl and Toni have a moment of their own in the ladies room. Why Toni feels the need to butt into other peoples business ALL THE TIME is beyond me, but hey, they needed to force a connection for Cheryl’s arc in the episode.


Cheryl has had some of the most interesting story arcs this season; the incredible attempted rape/Nick St. Clair storyline. Cheryl being creepily obsessed with Josie to the point of getting another student expelled. And now finally the pay off to all her creepiness, she’s a closeted lesbian. WHAT?! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally fine with Cheryl being a lesbian. I actually think it makes sense for her character. However, the way the show has gone about this is wretched and incredibly forced. It almost feel like they weren’t quite sure what to do with Cheryl and Toni’s characters so they just threw a dart at the board and made it happen in the most inorganic way, all while pushing the film Love, Simon (which I’m totally going to see). The most interesting thing to come out of this new character development is the relationship between Cheryl and Toni. Are they BFF’s now? Who will change who? Will Cheryl stand up to her mother? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Oh Kevin. My dear Kevin. Moose completely lied to his face about Midge knowing about their torrid past. Liar, liar, pants on fire! I wish I could say I was surprised, but it’s Moose. On top of that, Josie decides to take it upon herself to let him know their parents are having an affair. In the end, the foursome get together and discuss what’s the next steps in their future are going to be. Does this mean we’ll finally get to meet Kevin’s superhero mom?! I hope so!


Onto the Lodge, Lodge. After Jughead gets Cheryl’s phone call, it’s not the all hell breaks loose that viewers might have been expecting. Obviously, Juggy is upset, but more so that Betty lied to him after he confessed he and Toni “did stuff” during their break.


However, Veronica doesn’t believe it and decides the ONLY way for everything and everyone to become kosher again is for her and Jughead to kiss. This was one of my FAVORITE moments of the entire episode. Archie’s WTF triple take. Jughead being all for it. Betty and her FML face. Sometimes they write these characters so mature that it’s nice to be reminded that they are teenagers. The Vughead kiss happens, it’s no big deal, and everyone moves on with their lives. Well, except Archie who’s a little butthurt and “too tired”.


It’s no surprise that Jughead is my favorite character of this show. He’s a stealthy, smart, sometimes overzealous, wise old owl. This episode was no exception. Archie and Jughead a boy bonding scene where Juggy drops some interesting perspective. Archie’s best guy-friend (Jughead) is dating his best girl-friend (Betty). Archie’s girlfriend (Veronica) best friend is his best girl-friend (Betty). What a tight, crazy little powder keg they have going.


The episode comes to a head with a friendship blow-out over Veronica’s father buying more property (the Serpent trailer park), and the local newspaper where Betty’s mother works and father owns. But in the end, everything works out (for now) and they’re hugging and holding hands. However, I for one am OVER everyone blaming and being mad at Veronica for things her father does like she has any control over her parents actions. What do they think she does? Sit in on all these secret meetings and plot how to manipulate her friends? If that’s what they actually think maybe, call me crazy, they SHOULDN’T BE FRIENDS?! Phew. Okay. I’m done.


Over all, “The Hills Have Eyes” was a solid way to bring Riverdale back after a month long hiatus. Now, can we get onto creepy Chic and his weird agenda? Thanks!

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