Pacific Rim Uprising Is a Solid Entry In the Franchise

Steven DeKnight’s Pacific Rim Uprising is a solid follow-up to the original. Guillermo Del Toro has stated in the past that he made the original for the 11-year-old inside of him and even though he wasn’t as involved in the sequel, I think the kid inside would be happy with what he got. At its core, the Pacific Rim series is about giant robots fighting giant monsters and the story itself only exists to serve that end; and in that regard, Uprising did its job. The few complaints I have about the film could be summed up by saying that Steven DeKnight is not Guillermo Del Toro, Del Toro has a very specific look and feel that’s hard to recreate, so I can’t really blame that on DeKnight. Instead of a full Pacific Rim Uprising Review, you can watch our list of the five best and worst things about the film or you can read it on the next page.

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