Love Is Just A Laundry Room Away In Dry County #1

Lou Rossi goes to dance clubs in Miami to try to find someone to leave with, but never has much luck at the club.  However, one night Rossi finds someone in an odd place in Dry County #1.

The boredom of life eventually gets to him and he decides to do the laundry.  In the laundry room he finds finds a beautiful blonde. Rossi has never seen her before and thinks she must have just moved into the apartment complex.

They share a dryer and begin to talk.  Rossi learns her name is Janet. The more they talk the more the romance begins to blossom.  Once the clothes have dried Janet gives Rossi her business card.

After a few days they set up a date.  The date goes swimmingly, but Janet drops a bombshell on ole Rossi.  Janet was in an abusive and all around bad relationship. A man named Earl Beacon helped her flee from that boyfriend.  Janet doesn’t love Beacon anymore. However, the problem is she feels obligated to stay with him. Beacon can see the writing on the wall that Janet wants out, but he is forcing her to move with him.

Rossi is drunk, angry and confused by this revelation.  The date ends with Rossi walking home alone angry. However, he doesn’t know if he will ever see Janet again.

This issue I really liked.  I like slice of life stories and crime stories this has a bit of both.  Rossi and Janet are not perfect people and don’t know what to do about with the complex relationships they both have.  They like each other but don’t know how to handle Beacon’s controlling nature.

I see a lot of myself in Rossi.  He is just a guy trying to make his way through life as best he can.  Sometimes he says things he regrets and doesn’t know how to fix his mistake.  Maybe that is everyone, but I find a kindred spirit in him.

However, Janet is a mystery.  She doesn’t seem complete. I think she is hiding something and it may be a big secret.  There may be more to this Beacon and her ex story.

The art is really interesting.  It is a stylized kind of art and not realistic.  However, the cartoony feel makes it much different than other crime stories.  The coloring is also something I really like. This series takes place in late ’80s Miami and you can tell.  There is a lot of pastels and reminds me of Miami Vice. Scarface and GTA Vice City.  I just love seeing things set in that location and time period.

A really interesting thing about the comic is there are very few word balloons.  The whole issue is a monologue from Rossi. However, the monologue is written on yellow legal paper.  This adds to the story as I don’t know why Rossi is writing all these interaction down.

I really like how this story is progressing and I will be following this series for sure.  At the end of the issue there were some advertisements for other Rich Tommaso comics. It looks like he has written some other crime stories so I will be looking into those because I really like Tommaso’s work in this.







Written by: Rich Tommaso

Art by: Rich Tommaso

Cover by: Rich Tommaso

Release: 3/14/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics

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