EXCLUSIVE: Details on Lashana Lynch’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Role

The news that DeWanda Wise departed Captain Marvel means that another young actress, Lashana Lynch (Powder Room, Brotherhood), will have the chance to take on a lead role in next year’s superhero space spectacular. Interestingly enough, Lynch is at least the third actress to be offered the role it had been offered to another upcoming star before Wise. While it’s important to note that at this point in the process, we can’t share with you the name of the actress who passed, but we can say she was Marvel Studios’ first choice.

Thanks to a source with knowledge of the production, we can pass on a little info about what Lynch’s role is all about. We are told that Lynch is playing a “contmeporary” of Carol’s and will also be the mother of a young child . As for what role it might be, all we can offer is a bit of speculation: the actress who originally passed on the role is a dead ringer for one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and a one-time holder of the Captain Marvel legacy title herself: Monica Rambeau.

Though she’s not a Captain Marvel supporting character and the characters really didn’t do much together until their recent turn together in Al Ewing’s Ultimates, the studio could be looking to introduce her in this film ahead of a larger role in the future. Again, this is purely speculation on our part and this role could be any number of characters, including Kree or Skrull characters; however, we love Rambeau and have been hoping to see her on screen for a long time.

We need to be VERY CLEAR here: we were not told that Wise was playing Rambeau and, to be honest, if this is Rambeau, having a young child would be quite a twist. The role could just as easily be someone like longtime Carol Danvers buddy and fellow astronaut Salia Petrie; however, we can’t stress enough that the first actress who passed on the role bears an absolutely uncanny resemblance to Rambeau.

We’ll keep you updated on casting for Captain Marvel and more as we continue bringing you news you’re not finding anywhere else!

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