Disneyland: Pirates Of The Caribbean To Close For Refurbishment April 23rd

The news of the Pirates Of The Caribbean refurbishment/closure should come as no surprise. Last year, Disneyland announced they would be saying goodbye to the Bride Auction scene of The Pirates Of the Caribbean in order to replace it with something more with the times.

Although we will be saying goodbye to the human trafficking scene, we will not being saying goodbye to our saucy redhead! The new scene, seemingly inspired by the “Things To Come” artwork in the ride, will bring to life the story of the Femme-Fatale red-headed pirate auctioning off loot instead of people.

A spokeswoman for Disney has confirmed the changeover will take place beginning April 23, 2018, but there is no official reopening date. However, speculation says the ride should reopen in June 2018.


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