Comic Rewind: Inferno: Warzones!

Four years ago demons rose up from the underworld and have taken over Manhattan in  Inferno: Warzones!

When the demons first arrived the X-Men fought to drive them back with full force.  However, they were just not strong enough and failed. The best they can do now is to keep them in Manhattan and not let them spread any further.  

Manhattan was not the only thing which was lost when the demons came to Earth.  Colossus’ sister Illyana aka Magik was taken by the demon named N’Astirh. Colossus and Cyclops made a deal.  364 days a year Colossus will patrol the parameter of Manhattan and keep the demons in check. However, on the anniversary of her kidnapping Colossus get to assemble a team to go into the Inferno and try to save Magik.

This is that day and Colossus is making more progress than he ever has before.  He sees Magik and rushes to her and as he is about to save her she reveals a secret.  Magik has become the demon known as Darkchild. As a result of this encounter Colossus’ arm was transformed into a demon arm and Cyclops is paralyzed from the waist down.

On the fifth anniversary Colossus wants to try again, but Cyclops says the X-Men have tried and lost enough already.  Cyclops is overruled and the team go after Magik one more time.

Inferno: Warzones! Was written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Javier Garron and Chris Sotomayor.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2015.

The concept of this comic was really cool and I like seeing Colossus being a badass.  I always find it really funny how protective Colossus is over his sister, but Magik is also a badass and doesn’t need any protection.  Magik is at times a ruler of Hell and can handle herself.

I also like seeing all the X-Men come together and fight a common and formidable enemy.  A lot of X-Men comics I have read recently seem to focus more on the day to day life stuff.  However, I want to see X-Men going full force and really showing what they can do. We get about half  day to day stuff and half fighting in this.

We also get to see some characters we don’t get to see very often.  Havok, Mister Sinister and the Goblin Queen herself Madelyne Pryor. Pryor is a clone of Jean Grey made by Mister Sinister.  She is also Cable’s mom. Pryor is like a more sexy and evil version of Grey. I can’t remember the last time I saw her in a comic.  

What I didn’t get to see in the comic and really wanted was drama.  I never really saw threats or a lot of action. It was a little fight then a lot of planning and a fight and then a plan over and over.

The story felt really rushed and I would have liked to have seen the story expanded on.  This is a retelling of the X-Men Inferno story which I have not read.  I am assuming a lot of the story stuff I wanted is in that and this is for people who have read that story already.  However, I did not and can only judge the story based on this comic.

The concept I loved and I think I will read the original Inferno story, but this comic was just ok for me.


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