Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS Receives PG-13 Rating From MPAA

When it comes to my all-time favorite directors, Wes Anderson will always be in my top five. From Bottle Rocket to The Grand Budapest Hotel, each film has that Anderson flair that never changes.

One of my favorite Anderson films is the stop-motion classic, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was beautiful. From the music to the voice-overs, I dare you to find a problem with it. Double dare you!

So when the trailer for his latest stop-motion animated film The Isle Of Dogs came out last year, I loved everything about it! The recognizable Ed Norton voices one of the dogs, along with Bryan Cranston and god that music was perfect.

The MPAA decided to give it a PG-13 Rating for “thematic elements and violent images.”

Now, the MPAA has given out insane ratings before so I’m curious about this decision, especially since Fantastic was given a PG rating.

You’d think since they both involve animals that Dogs would be family friendly, but it’s looking like Anderson went a bit darker this time around.

We’ll find out when the film opens the Berlin Film Festival on February 15 (the first-ever animated film to do so), and firsthand when it opens wide on March 23.

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