The Black Series Star Wars Toy Fair Pull!

Toy Fair 2018 announced some amazing new Star Wars Black Series figures coming out this year. This includes some of our favorites from The Last Jedi, the Clone Wars, and Rebels. Hasbro has also unveiled some of the new characters from the upcoming Solo movie. Finally, we are getting some classics including another one of the infamous bounty hunters. This includes the 6-inch and a resurgence of the 3.75-inch size action figures. Plus there is a really impressive premium figure of everyone’s favorite bad boy, Kylo Ren. Check out the highlights below.

First up are the 6-inch figures.

New additions to the Solo movie characters that were released during i09 include Tobias Beckett, who is Woody Harrelson’s mysterious criminal figure, and the Mimban Stormtrooper, which is a new badass dirty Stormtrooper with a black cape.

From The Last Jedi we are getting a fantastic rendition of Admiral Holdo and the Hoth version of Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back.

Admiral Holdo – Release Date 2019
Princess Leia – Hoth – Release Fall 2018

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