SOLO Teaser First Thoughts; Fans Hate Alden’s Voice

It’s been a day since Disney gave us the LONG AWAITED Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer and Millions of views later fans have had time to finally let it sink in. Personally, I loved it. It looks dark and gritty, and there are all sorts of cool Easter eggs if look closely.

Emilia Clarke looks absolutely gorgeous. Donald Glover is an uncanny Lando, and come one Woody has hair! Consensus says everyone is liking it, but there a ton of fans that hated it, especially Hans’ voice. A number of fans keep bringing up the same criticism, that Alden’s voice doesn’t sound enough like Harrison’s did in the original trilogy.

I personally don’t mind it, but you need to read these tweets below to see the hate. One tweet said: “Han Solo is horribly miscast. They should’ve cast a  Harrison Ford impersonator from YouTube instead!”

Another says: “I love this and I’m so hyped, I just wish he sounded more like Harrison Ford.”

While’s one tweeted: “A. He looks and sounds NOTHING like Harrison Ford. B. What’s with his delivery? C. I think I’ll skip this one.”

One wrote: “Why couldn’t they make his voice deeper like Harrison’s? How young is he supposed to be in this? Some similarities would go a long way here.”

I’m sure fans will get over it with the more footage we see leading up to the films May premiere.

What do you guys think of the teaser trailer? Does he Alden need to sound more like Harrison Ford?

Let us know below!

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