REVIEW: Riverdale Chapter 26 – Tell Tale Heart

Riverdale has taken on Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart,” giving us a few hints of madness through Betty’s guilt over helping her mother cover up a murder. I’ve officially decided that NO ONE in Riverdale watches or listens to any kind of crime show or true crime podcasts. Why would you use your own rug?! Why are you not using gloves?! Why did you think this man just walked to your house and didn’t have a car?! I swear, after watching one season of Dexter I felt like a criminal mastermind!

Everyone in the Cooper family, with the exception of Betty, seems perfectly fine that a person died in their home…at one of their hands. We still don’t know what actually went down, only that Betty walked in on her mother cleaning up a stranger’s blood while Chic “cried” in a corner.

Betty’s guilt continues to get to her, causing her to continue to make terrible decisions. Betty takes it upon herself to check on the body to make sure “no one can see it from the trail.” After retouching the rug with no gloves, Betty heard a phone ring. Using her BEST judgment, Betty decides to takes it home. Betty! What!? Just turn the GPS off and leave it alone! I screamed so much at this episode it’s not even funny.

Chic is continuing his creeper lifestyle causing a rift between Betty and her mother all while sitting by a fire cutting Hal Cooper out of family photos like he’s his ex-boyfriend. What is up with you Chic? I need to know your end game! This “stranger” turned out to be his drug dealer who he ask to come over that night. Why?

Oh, and Cheryl lets Betty know her father is having an affair with her mother, because apparently Betty doesn’t have enough on her plate already. Thanks Cheryl!

However, the biggest twist of the episode comes from the Archie/Detective storyline. After a heartfelt confession to Hiram Lodge about the FBI Agent trying to use him as a snitch, Archie gets summoned by “The Boss” to a field in the middle of nowhere. To his, and our, surprise, “The Boss” turns out to be Hermione Lodge. Turns out the FBI agent isn’t an agent at all (which I’ve thought from the beginning) and is actually a part of the Lodge innercircle. Hiram and Hermione asked him to test Archie’s loyalty, which he past with multiple goldstars! Archie knows snitches get stitches and he is no snitch!

So what does this mean for Archie and his future? Only time will tell!

What did you think of Riverdale: Chapter 26? Are you left with as many questions as I am? Were you shocked by the FBI Agents true identity? Comment below and let me know!

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