REVIEW: Episode 2 Of POWER RANGERS Super Ninja Steel Might Be The Most Relevant Yet

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel‘s premiere was a bit of a letdown. There were a couple things lacking from what should have been the debut of a special season premiere since this is the 25 year the show has been on. It just seemed ordinary. Lackluster. However, I loved episode 2, ‘Moment of Truth’.

The Ninja Steel Rangers haven’t been given much in terms of good storytelling, but character development isn’t that bad. One of the shining spots last season and carrying over into this one is Hayley (Zoe Robins) and Calvin’s (Nico Greetham) relationship. If you’re looking for me to explain everything with logic and how to analyze how people should react in relationships, this isn’t the review for you. There are other elitist Power Rangers reviewers for you out there. Lately, I’ve been pretty harsh on Saban and how they’ve handled the show, the 25th year, and merchandise that fans are consuming, but I do need to be fair when they do put out a good episode and this was one of them.

Calvin forgot his anniversary with Hayley and spins a web of lies to cover it up. At its core, many of us have been there.  A few highlights that this episode captured well are the dynamic and chemistry of the Rangers. It’s good to see the Rangers in a real-life situation and how Calvin’s guy friends help him out to get him out of his bind. Being in the said situation I know I related to this the most. This episode the Rangers felt real and the lesson of the day, which is you should just be honest came naturally.  Hayley’s reaction was that of disappointment and understanding. Let’s be honest, Hayley is the perfect girlfriend.

Many compare this season the past of so far Super Ninja Steel is 50/50 for me. I think if the show can continue to focus on character building and well-told stories this Ninja Steel could redeem itself, but being the 25th year is a lot to live up to. It’s also hard to compare this to Hyperforce, which isn’t visually stunning but a well-told story, full of character development. However, it is easy to have great character development when each episode is over 2 and a half hours.

I give this episode a 4/5.

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