Netflix Has Found Sabrina’s BFF, Rosalind Walker!

After learning Netflix has taken over bringing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to life, we here at That Hashtag Show brought you the EXCLUSIVE Casting Breakdowns of who Netflix was looking for, for the highly anticipated, dark reboot of the series.

Sabrina will be played by Mad Men alum, Kiernan Shipka. And finally, the role of Sabrina’s BFF, Rosalind Walker, will be played by Jaz Sinclair (The Vampire Diaries).

Just incase you forgot the breakdown for Rosalind:

[ROSALIND] Female, legal 18 or 18+ to play 16, African American. Rosalind is Sabrina’s human best friend. Brash, empowered, and outspoken like her Black Panther parents. Rosalind is keeping a secret from Sabrina and the rest of her classmates—that she is not-so-slowly losing her eyesight, a fact that will put her immortal soul in jeopardy…10/13 SERIES REGULAR

What do you think? Did they nail it? Which casting decision are you most excited to learn about next? Make sure to comment and let me know!

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