REVIEW: Mera Is Queen As Aquaman Battles Civil War

It’s a new landscape in comics and after being around for decades we finally have a Mera comic book. This is a tremendous blend of the origin story in flashbacks as well as inaugural solo adventure. This book will run concurrently with the Aquaman title. We will be with her on land as she struggles to find her place and decide who she is meant to be.


A throne Does Not Make A Queen

The story picks up after Rath steals the throne of Atlantis from Aquaman and curses Mera. Now she must stay out of the ocean until the magic fades. We come in mid-battle with Eel and see she is not at full strength. Last year Mera took out the Justice League, before receiving an invitation to join. Unfortunately in this tale Eel takes her down, but only for a second. With the memories of her lifelong training to kill Aquaman she is able to dispatch her assassin.

We get some answers about how she has become the “Queen in Exile”, despite being from Xebel. She warns Superman and Wonder Woman to stay away from Atlantis or risk making things worse. Also on display is her training in diplomacy. Mera negotiates with the U.S. Secretary of State not to intervene in Atlantian affairs. This is agreed as long as the fight does not spill into U.S. territory. That tiny detail could be very ominous for our story. Elsewhere we see a man settling into his new life with his new family. Lamenting his duty to return to save his home, Orm must abandon his happiness. What role will he play in the underwater Civil War is yet to be seen.

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