Melody Perkins Was Originally Going To Be The POWER RANGERS Lost Galaxy Purple Ranger

One of the best seasons of Power Rangers was Lost Galaxy. It had one of the best stories, strong villains, developed characters, and even featured Kendrix Morgan, played by Valerie Vernon sacrificing her powers to save Terra Venture and the Pink Space Ranger, Cassie Chan, played by Patricia Ja Jee. When Kendrix lost her powers Karone, (played by Melody Perkins) was the one to take over the mantle of the Pink Ranger, but that wasn’t always the plan.

We, at THS, had a long in-depth sit-down interview with Christopher Khayman Lee he revealed some news to us that we hadn’t previously heard. It was long rumored that the original person that was supposed to take over for Valerie Vernon, who at the time was diagnosed with leukemia and had to undergo treatment at the time, was Patricia Ja Lee, who was the previous Pink Ranger on the season before. According to Christopher Khayman Lee, who played Andros, the Red Space Ranger, this was true, or at least there were talks between Lee and Saban about it.

The role of the Pink Galaxy Ranger eventually went to Melody Perkins, but that wasn’t the original plan for the former villain. According to Khayman Lee producers were considering making Andros’ little sister into what at the time would have been the first all American Ranger, the Purple Galaxy Ranger. Here’s what Khayman Lee had to say:

THS: There were a lot of rumors and let me know if you can confirm this or not. A lot of rumors that when Kendrix (Valerie Vernon) was leaving Patricia La Jee was going to take her place.

Christopher Khayman Lee: Yeah, well, they were… I know they were talking to Patty about it. It seemed like at first they were going to do that and then also at the time they were talking to Melody about her being a Purple Ranger.
THS: A Purple Ranger for Lost Galaxy?
Christopher Khayman Lee: Yes. 
In the interview, Khayman Lee goes on to say that the producers planted the seeds early on when they gave Karone a purple flight suit and communicator in the series. Having Karone be the Purple Ranger would have made a lot of sense seeing as the next season they made the first all American Ranger the Titanium Ranger for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Overall, the way that Kendrix passed on her powers to Karone was handled perfectly, but it would have been interesting to see if the Purple Ranger was meant to replace the Pink Ranger or if she would have been the third female addition to the team. All we can do is wonder what could have been.
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