ESO’s Latest DLC Dragon Bones and Update 17

Elder Scrolls Online, the Bethesda MMO, just released new content for PC and Mac, which includes a new DLC titled Dragon Bones. This new content will eventually make it’s way to console on February 27th, so hold tight! They also released Update 17, which now adds an outfit system to the game among other cool new additions. The new DLC comes free to ESO Plus members or you can purchase it for 1500 crowns in the in-game crown store, which translates to $14.99.

Dragon Bones DLC

What’s in the latest DLC?

2 all new 4-player dungeons (Scalecaller Peak & Fang Lair) which each have their own new gear sets, monster sets, achievements, costumes/skins, and trophies.

You can also choose to purchase the Dragon Bones Game Pack which includes the DLC, Fang Lair Courser Mount, Small Bone Dragon Construct Pet, Renegade Dragon Priest Mask and 5 Crown Experience Scrolls which boost experience earned during game play. This costs 4000 crowns, or about $30.

Update 17

The game’s latest update will now add:

  • Outfit System: customize your outfit regardless of the gear you’re wearing. You can learn more about the Outfit System here.
  • Home Storage: storage containers can now be add to your home in order to free up space in your bank or inventory.
  • New Level Up Experience: when you level up, you will receive helpful tips to better understand the game and develop your character.
  • Combat Improvement: many improvements and changes have been made to combat mechanics to make combat even more responsive, tactical and skillful.
  • 2 New PVP Battlegrounds: Mor Khazgur & Deeping Drome

To find out even more information about these new updates, you can visit the ESO website here. What do you think about these new additions, are you ready to jump into Tamriel and battle evil? Let us know in the comments below!

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