Early Access Review: The Descenders

Link of  Gameplay here!


I’ve never been a real fan of sports games.  My illustrious career in them spans Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Blitz Football, and the occasional racing game.

Today I got to play with Descenders, asking myself “is this going to suck?”

Answer: It’s complicated, but Nah.

Descenders is a procedure-generated downhill BMX game with tricks, curves, and physics.

Hilarious, glorious physics.

Things To Love About This Game

It’s really pretty

It looks fantastic visually.  the visuals remind me a bit of rocket league and Skyrim.

“That Soundtrack Doe…”

Another page was taken out of Rocket League.  you’ll never find yourself with boring music.  Will most likely be one of the sickest Soundtrack’s in gaming this year.  But ya know…don’t quote me on that.


The heart and soul of this game is in the physics.  The perfect blend of realism and Goat Simulator level “holy !@#$ What was that?!”  Level physics.

Prepare to get Rekt and eat #@$%…alot

because of the physics insane awesome qualities.  You’re going to die…a lot… and because your runs are health-based, not finish base.  You’re going to “start the beginning” a lot.  But this is not a bad thing.  It’s not a bad thing because the tracks are different every time.  I thought I would find myself bored with the game dying a lot and having to start from the beginning…But then I blinked and it was an hour passed so #Idk?  This game will give you a real challenge.  It will be frustrating at times, but I find the frustration worth it.

Four Different Camera Angles

Right behind you, “Drone View”, 3rd person, and 1rst person give you a variety of options.  I love the first person view, but can rarely knock out a track like that.


Lots of styles to choose from with the 3 team factions in the game…if your into that kind of thing.


The Not So Great Stuff

Key Bindings

They are in strange places and you cant change em, hopefully, this is just a beta problem and can be changed in the future

The procedure generated stuff can be monotonous

Its cool that the tracks change, but the variation of the ramps and obstacles aren’t there yet.

Sometimes you just…bail.

You think you got this…backflip over the train, perfectly on the ramp…then you eat &*^#, even though you think you totally nailed it.  I see a warning sign in the lower right-hand screen but it doesn’t explain why it rekt me.  This is probably my biggest issue.  TELL ME WHY MY BOMB @$$ TRICK DIDN’T LAND!

The Tricks themselves are few

Black flips, front flips, and slides are all your really going to find yourselves doing.  You can do wheelies and poppers, but the game makes it clear these are tricks you really won’t do ever.  With any luck, this will simplify in the future

Gameplay is fun, but light on content

They have the capacity to add more, but coming into early access, it’s basic cable. but probably worth the wait.  You can join one of three factions at a certain time frame, but it’s unclear what these groups do other than give you swag.  Multiplayer wars maybe?

Stuff I want to see

  • changing key bindings
  • infinite mode
  • battle mode (last one to get rekt wins)
  • open source level editors
  • more diverse tricks
  • more diverse obstacles
  • “Horse” multiplayer

Final Score: 7/10 Hashtags

The game definitely has faults.  But for its faults, it has potential to be a fun multiplayer game as long as the updates keep coming and maybe some functionality changes.


22.43 USD on price?  15.00 seems like a solid price point.  22.43?  Oddly specific and probably a bit much given the lack of full content.


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