Disney Developing More Than One STAR WARS Show For Streaming Service

With the HUGE news today that Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss developing MULTIPLE Star Wars films, what other Star Wars news could top that?

Well you’re in luck, how about not one, not two, but multiple Star Wars shows for Disney’s own Streaming Service?

Back in November Disney announced that it was developing a live-action Star Wars TV series for its streaming app that may or may not be a revival of a Star Wars show that was in the works before Lucas sold the brand to Disney.

Netflix, Disneyflix, Mouseflix whatever you want to call it will available starting in 2019 and Bob Iger announced they are developing “several” STAR WARS shows for the streaming service.

“We are developing not just one, but a few Star Wars series specifically for the Disney direct to consumer app,” Iger said in an earnings call, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Iger also said the company is close to announcing the first Star Wars project and that “significant” talent is attached to the projects.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Star Wars Universe, but I’m worried hardcore fans will just get tired of it. Call it STAR WARS fatigue.

We’ll let you guys know whenever Bob Iger decides to tell us more.

Are you guys excited for some new Star Wars shows? Let us know it the comments below!

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