A Different Sort Of Kick-Ass

A masked hero is captured and taken to the boss.  It’s Kick-Ass, but not the one we know and love.  Find out who this new Kick-Ass is in Kick-Ass #1.

12 weeks earlier Patience is with her U.S. Army unit, the Night Stalkers, in Afghanistan on a rescue mission.  She risks her life and gets her unit out alive.  Patience has it all planned out.  Her husband has been at home working on his music and has worked in insurance for eight years while she risked her life.  However, now it is his turn to make the money while she goes to school.

The very first thing she asks at the Albuquerque airport once she sees her family is where is her husband is.  It turns out he left with another woman and left her with debt and their daughter.  Patience is a single mom now and needs to make money fast.

Her two main choices are to work for her shady brother at his nightclub or rob a bank.  However, both don’t sound too appealing to her.  She comes up with a way to use her army skills, not work for her brother, make money fast and do it with a clean conscious.  Patience is going to rob the people who are ruining her town like her brother.  She will give away at least half of what she takes.

This brings us to the present time.  Her very first job doesn’t seem to be going as planned, but Patience is a Night Stalker and Night Stalkers don’t quit.

I have never read any Kick-Ass comics before.  I’ve seen both movies, but am not familiar with the comics.  This issue was really easy to follow and you don’t need to know any background information.

In fact I am not even sure this is connected to the old comics.  The club boss says he saw people dress like this in New York on the news, but that doesn’t prove anything.  She is dressed like Kick-Ass but he doesn’t mention that name.  This leads me to believe they are not connected.

I liked this issue and it must be said that Mark Millar is my favorite comic writer, so I may be a little biased.  Patience comes into the costume already a trained fighter and has killed people.  This is much different than the previous one who was just a kid.

Having a badass at the start allows the story to skip a bunch of boring training and go right to the ass kicking.  Patience is a sympathetic character and I am already hoping she can figure this money situation out.  The world is already established pretty well.  I already know she will have to face her brother eventually.

This is a good setup to the next installment of the Kick-Ass series, but just keep in mind this is a new Kick-Ass and she doesn’t mess around.






Written by: Mark Millar

Art by:  John Romita Jr. and Peter Steigerwald

Cover by: John Romita Jr.

Release: 2/14/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics


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  1. A new Kick-ass? And she’s trained? I don’t know man but it does sound pretty interesting and you said he’s one of your favorite comic writers so he must be pretty good. I’ll have to check it out eventually!