Comic Rewind: Jughead (2015-) Vol. 1

Riverdale High has a new principal, but things may not be as they seem in Jughead (2015-) Vol. 1.

Betty is protesting Mr. Lodge tearing down Fox Forest in order to put up a gated community.  She is looking for signatures to stop Lodge Industries and other corporations from tearing down green spaces.

Principal Weatherbee was asked to leave his position in order to bring in some fresh faces and ideas.  The new principal, Mr. Stanger, is planning on modernizing the curriculum.

Stanger wastes no time making changes.  The first change is no more lasagna Mondays.  Jughead loses it and now Stanger is on his hit list.  

Teachers are also being replaced by more strict ones.  In P.E. the class has to run laps and the last five to cross the finish line get detention.  Detentions are being handed out like candy.  The new curriculum being taught are things like drone flying and camouflage training.

Jughead is always able to avoid detention, but this just puts a target on Jughead’s back.  Eventually Stanger gets Jughead expelled and Archie and gang set their sights on Stanger.

They find out Stanger was a principal a few towns over.  In a mall they find a former student.  The reason behind Stanger’s takeover and overhaul of the school is shocking and unbelievable.

Jughead (2015-) Vol. 1 was written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Erica Henderson.  Archie Comics published the volume in 2016.

I am really turning into a sucker for Archie and I think I may need help.  These comics have just been hidden in plain sight and I was just too cool for Archie.  However, no longer will I hide from Archie.  I will shout from the highest mountain top and declare my love for Archie comics.  

This series is much different than the other Archie comics I’ve read.  The other series have been very serious.  However, this is a very silly comic.  I knew this would have a lot of humor in it because Zdarsky is known for that.

However, it turns out I am not really looking for that from my Archie comics.  It was too silly and distracted too much from the main story for me. Many of the issues if not all had a Jughead dream which totally took me away from the story.  There were Game of Thrones, superhero and a time traveling story.

I like the relationships between the characters and this is almost all Jughead with the characters around him.  It is a lot of “hey here is Archie and Betty, but never mind them back to Jughead.”  That is not what I am looking for unfortunately.

Henderson’s art was another problem I had.  Her character models seemed to change throughout the volume.  It was very common for me to not know if a redhead boy in the background was Archie or a random redhead.  All the faces were not distinguished enough so I could easily tell the difference between characters.

Zdarsky and Henderson are a perfect match for a series like this, but it just didn’t work for me.  I liked this volume, but I didn’t love it. I was just not looking for this kind of tone it turns out.

If you want a funny Archie comic this may be the perfect series for you, but if you want more serious stuff then look for my previous Archie reviews.



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