Todd McFarlane Begins Casting For SPAWN Reboot

Today Todd McFarlane took to Facebook Live to reveal some interesting tidbits about the upcoming Spawn reboot. Not only is McFarlane writing the script, he’s actually directing for the first time as well.

We revealed last week that McFarlane recently said that Spawn would have no dialogue and that it would be close to a Jaws Horror type of film.

With the film already to start production in February, things are going full steam ahead. Here are a few details that McFarlane spilled on Facebook today:

The first character to be cast will be Twitch, who actually has the most dialogue in the whole film. McFarlane’s wife wants Gary Oldman for the role.

He has a list of over 20 actors that he would want to play SPAWN himself.

McFarlane confirmed he will have a cameo in the film, but nothing big. He also plans to make this a SPAWN trilogy and they will cover his origin to things in the comics.

No Clown or the Violator, which I’m ok with. The clown felt way to rushed in the original and I feel there’s time to bring him in the Violator in the sequel.

Spawn will occasionally have his cape, but not always.

There will be 2 different paths that can be taken at the end of the film so he will shoot 2 endings.

Oh and McFarlane will be updating us from the set each day on FACEBOOK Live.

Who would you guys like to see picked as Spawn and Twitch? I think Oldman and Jamie Foxx would be great to be honest.

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