THEORY: Did A Young Anakin Use His Force Powers To Make Padme Fall In Love With Him?

While browsing the Reddit Star Wars groups for interesting theories, one immediately caught my eye. Did a young Anakin Skywalker use his Jedi mind tricks to make Padme Amidala fall in love with him? The Anakin and Padme love story spanned across the second trilogy and at times it came off way to creepy.

The additional idea that Jedi mind tricks and coercion were also involved from the early days of The Phantom Menace just makes it even worse. Unfortunately, a recent photo showing a young creepy Jake Lloyd smirking in the arms of Natalie Portman hasn’t helped and quickly went viral.

Here’s the photo in question:

The Reddit thread from mybustersword brought up an interesting argument:

“Being eight and just leaving his homeworld and the only family he’s known, his mother, he meets a woman who looks like her, is caring like her, and is seemingly unimportant to all. He sees his own mother in her. According to Freud, our first example of what our romantic and sexual partners come from our relationship with our parents. We form our ideology and compete with our same-gendered parents for the opposite affection.

“Later when his own father figure, Obi-Wan, was trying to help the young couple Anakin saw competition and believed Obi-Wan was trying to take the Queen away from him. He saw them, the older two, and believed he has to kill his father figure to have the relationship he desires with his mother.”

Then the comments started flooding in.

One returned to the rather unsettling idea that a lonely and smitten child Anakin used the Force to bind Amidala to him and then kept her affections when they were reunited as adults by constantly reinforcing the compulsion.

It said: “There’s a theory that he unknowingly taps into the force, and imposes his will, in a sense leaving her forced to love him.”

Another added: “She fell for him because of a low-key, unintentional, jedi mind trick played out over years whenever they were together.”

The thought that a young Anakin had the Force powers to do such a jedi mind trick on a fragile Amidala is insane but plausible. Or she could have really loved that sexy rat tail and his hatred for sand.

What do you guys think? Now keep in mind this is just a theory so take it with a grain of salt.


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