Super Sentai: New Lupinranger Vs Patoranger Team Images Revealed

With Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger fast approaching, Rangerboard had new images of what these new rangers look like.

The fans have previously gotten an up-close look at the Patorangers, but the new image shows the rangers in their suits. The image also shows the thieves themed Lupinrangers in their suits. And both images show the morphers.

There is also another image of both Red Rangers with their morphers.

The series will be a police vs thieves theme, with the Lupinrangers getting into conflict with the Patorangers. And reportedly, one ranger will be going in-between both teams.

Both teams will also be having intertwined stories for the first half of the season, with both teams switching on and off for the first half of the season. And if any previous rumors are believed to be true, then both teams will converge into one large story arc by season’s end. This will be presumably when they form one team against the Gangler Crime Syndicate, but nothing had been confirmed about that yet.

Another note to regard is that one of the Rangers of Lupinranger being a spy for Patoranger, one of the few who will bounce between both shows. That will give both sides of the story some basis in continuity, and will probably feed into the reasons for the stories merging in the first place.

The show is premiering on Japan’s TV-Asahi on February 11, 2018, and it will be the 42nd Super Sentai season.

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