STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Pulled From All Chinese Theaters

Dropping 95% in China, Disney today decided to pull Star Wars The LAST JEDI from all Chinese theaters.

The Last Jedi has already been completely pulled from cinemas here,” Jimmy Wu, chairman of nationwide Chinese cinema chain Lumiere Pavilions, told THR. “It’s performed much worse than we could have expected.”

Pulling in a meager $40 Million dollars, dropping The Last Jedi was a no-brainer, especially since the film beating it in China and here in the US, Jumanji doesn’t look like letting up.

JEDI performed lower than even the average performances of the last two Star Wars movies – THE FORCE AWAKENS and ROGUE ONE – and James Li, co-founder of the market research group Fanink, said the poor performance of JEDI is the result of a growing franchise disinterest:

We’ve seen the Star Wars franchise downgrading across all key measures. Force Awakens was generally above average, Rogue One was about average, and Last Jedi was below average in every category — and you see this reflected at the box office.

Word is the main reason Star Wars hasn’t been able to catch on in China is just that they’ve never really invested in the series. The original trilogy was never released there due to communism. And the first the Chinese got of Star Wars came in the form oF Episode 1.

“The whole film really insults the IQ of its audience,” a review stated, which questions how the universe could possibly be ruled by such an incompetent Galactic Empire: “In Star Wars, it seems only Darth Vader had a brain — it’s such a shame he’s already dead.”

To be honest the film has already brought in a $Billion dollars and is the Number 10 film of all time. I doubt Disney cares that it bombed there.

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