Is This Why The SOLO Trailer Has Been Delayed?

Ok, so Monday has come and gone and still no Solo trailer.

Ever since director Ron Howard tweeted over a week ago that a trailer was coming very very soon, pundits and fans everywhere started thinking when the trailer would be coming out. All days pointed to last Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America since in years past Disney’s big trailers have been shown there.

But it’s now a couple days later and still nothing, and fans are getting frustrated.

Our favorite Star Wars YouTube theorist Mike Zeroh says:

“The trailer was supposed to come out on a date which was delayed due to pick-up shots. These will involve two characters – Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, portrayed by Donald Glover.

“These will be done on a studio and not on location. This is the main reason why the trailer is delayed.”

“Pick-ups are expected to start on January 17.”

Zeroh added: “They (Disney) are waiting for the Last Jedi to roll out of cinemas completely in late January. So i think it’s likely we will be getting the trailer in February.”


It is looking more and more likely that a trailer will finally drop on SuperBowl Sunday.

Stay Tuned with That Hashtag Show for SOLO News as soon as it drops!

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