Samsung Brings “The Wall” to CES 2018


Have you ever been to a concert or some other huge event, looked at one of the HUGE video walls and wished you could have one at home? Well, Samsung is now making that dream a reality. At CES 2018 they showed off their new modular MicroLED TV system that they’ve appropriately called “The Wall.” No, this isn’t a Pink Floyd reference, though I’d have to imagine watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall on Samsung’s “The Wall” and running the sound through Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Shape would be a fantastic experience.


The system works by interconnecting several smaller borderless MicroLED TV’s. This means you can make a TV as small as a single modular unit or as big as 146″ for right now anyway, in the future it’s possible you’d be able to go even bigger. The resolution of the screen has yet to be announced, but I’m curious to see how they measure that for such a device since the full resolution would increase with each additional panel that’s added to the display. For instance, ultrawide computer monitors can have resolutions of 2560×1080, so how would you measure the resolution of four 4k modules? Additionally, will you be able to purchase individual panels one at a time or will you have to buy them in packs? How much will they cost?

These questions should be answered over the next few months as Samsung expects the display to be available in the second half of 2018. What would you guys do with a massive wall-sized TV?

Source: Samsung

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