REVIEW: Riverdale Eps 210 “Blackboard Jungle”

Riverdale is BACK and the drama is flying. The spring premiere of Riverdale, Eps 10 “Blackboard Jungle” is the perfect set up episode for what’s happening the rest of the season. We finally meet Betty’s long lost brother, Chic Cooper (NO HE IS NOT THE BLACKHOOD!! Can we kill that ridiculous theory already?). The Southside Serpents are now Northside Bulldogs (by school mascot name only). Veronica is getting in deeper with her villainous parents (why are they buying EVERYTHING?!). Kevin Keller looks to be getting a new, sexy boyfriend. And, (surprise, surprise), Archie’s instincts are most-likely right and we do not have the correct person pegged as the Black Hood.

There were a few moments of this episode that really stood out for me. First, Cheryl has lost all control at home. After learning that her mother is now a “lady of the night”, Cheryl is trying to regain control at school by pushing her “fascist Barbie” agenda at Riverside High by not welcoming the Southside students with open arms, forcing them conform or be suspended. She will rule the school again and Veronica and Archie are going to need to watch out.

“My home life is a Dickensian nightmare, I won’t have school become one too.”

Chic Cooper, I think this is the biggest red herring of the season. Why are they making him so creepy? I see right through you writers! When we first meet Chic he is sitting in a corner of his crappy motel room waiting for his next “client”. Next, Betty is rescuing him from his dirtbag landlord (or really just a guy who wants his rent), bringing him home and cleaning him up. Then we find him looming over Betty in her room while she’s sleeping, a la Edward Cullen. Okay, weird bro. However, I think it’s a ruse building up to the ultimate reveal that Chic’s parents are NOT Alice and Hal. Hear me out. Hal Cooper is acting super standoffish and weird. If he’s your son shouldn’t you be excited to finally meet him? Nope. Because guys, he’s not Hal’s son. I’m 99.9% sure Alice and KP had a child together in High School and that’s what the huge Hal and Alice senior year fight was about. I’m calling it now (like I have for the  past 6 months).

A Detective is using Archie to be his mole. This could be fun if it wasn’t so cliche and only used to point out the fact that Archie is right that Mrs. Svenson is NOT the Black Hood. Did anyone actually buy that storyline anyway? The Black Hood is not gone folks and it seems Archie knows it. Who is he? When will we see him again? I’m giving it less than 5 episode for another body to turn up.

Can we please give Josie a storyline? Josie introducing herself to the new students had to be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen especially because…they just didn’t care.

“I’m Josie McCoy, formerly of the Pussycats,”

There’s lots more to come this season of Riverdale and I for one and here for it!

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