Pink Ranger Naomi Scott Wraps Out On ALADDIN

That’s a wrap for Princess Jasmine! Power Rangers star Naomi Scott recently tweeted that today that after six months of filming she was officially wrapped.


We have yet to know whether the entire film has finished shooting, but I’m sure it’s not far out. Six months is a long time for any film to shoot, and I’m sure Disney’s Live Action take on the Arabian Nights tale will have extensive time in post as well. The British actress faced backlash when she was cast due to the fact that the character of Princess Jasmine is middle eastern, and Naomi Scott is only part Indian. The casting for Aladdin was put under a microscope by many fans and industry analysts as this was a chance for Hollywood to have a blockbuster film with a majority middle eastern cast. While many believe “brown skin is not universal” , and for the record it isn’t, this is not a case of whitewashing. We still have miles to go in terms of how films are cast, but Aladdin will be another film to break the notion that female, and minority led films can’t bring the big bucks.


Disney’s Aladdin is directed by Guy Ritchie and will be released on May 24th, 2019

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