NO Snyder Cut on JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-Ray

If you were one of the thousands that signed the petition for the non-existent Snyder cut then you’re in for a major disappointment when details for the home video release of Justice League were revealed. There are a number of behind the scenes featurettes, but no director’s commentary, no director’s cut, and only one deleted scene……one. It’s a shame that the first superhero team up in the DCEU was so mishandled, and much of that blame can be placed on Kevin Tsujihara and company who didn’t want to delay the release date in order to receive specific bonuses. Both Whedon and Snyder are passionate filmmakers who have specific styles that didn’t quite mesh well together. The lack of response regarding Justice League from either director is deafening.

This so called Snyder cut is unlikely to even exist. The director himself left the project early into the post-production phase which came before re-shoots (as is the norm). Snyder was only able to turn in a rough cut that barely had any visual effects work done, and re-shoots were needed to brighten up some of the characterizations. There is no doubt that Whedon is a better fit for Superman, and Snyder is a better fit for Batman. Instead of petitioning for a cut that doesn’t exist perhaps we should call on WB to have Snyder write the novelization.

Hopefully, WB can get a little more content for the home video release of Justice League. There has to be more deleted scenes, right?

Justice League hits 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, and DVD on March 13th. The Digital HD version goes on sale on February 13th.

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