Motherlands #1 Should Go Back To The Motherland

What happens when a famous bounty hunter’s daughter takes up the profession?  Find out in Motherlands #1.

Tabitha was just a little girl when her brother, Bubba, was taken by his father.  Her mother, Selena, was the star or a star from the Trawl Hunters show.  Selena goes between dimensions to hunter down criminals.  Hunting down her son and his father should be easy for her, but she was never able to find Bubba.

Now 30 years have past and Tabitha is a hunter, but she has big shoes to fill.  She is constantly reminded of who her mother is and how good she was.  Tabitha is a struggling hunter and is having a hard time just to pay her rent.

Tabitha comes across a huge bounty who has eluded the best of the best hunters.  She is going to try and go for it because she has a secret weapon, her mother if she’ll agree to help.

This issue did nothing to hook me.  I was really bored throughout the issue and couldn’t wait for it to end.  All the designs are really weird, but not in a functional or interesting way.  They are just weird in a distracting way.  I kept thinking why is that there and what could it do?

There was not a lot explained and left me feeling lost.  However, the worst part is the universe is not very interesting either.  If stuff is not explained that sucks, but the universe has to be interesting.  This has neither and that is worst case scenario.

This is a DC comic, but it is under the Vertigo imprint.  Vertigo comics are more mature and violent.  They are also typically more story based.  This issue is pretty violent, has a lot cursing and a little bit of nudity.  However, an interesting story is just not there or at least not yet.  

The art is good, but nothing mindblowing.  It is just solid middle of the road comic art.  It is probably the best part of the comic though.  There are a lot of different facial expressions and no two panels have the same facial expression.  Taking the time to do that is really nice.  The faces read really well and I can see that emotion really easily..

This is a really hard comic to score because I did not enjoy it but it is done well.  The story is boring but makes sense.  Art is not amazing but is done well.  Looking at it as a whole it is a ok comic which is boring.  However, I would rather have read an interesting comic done poorly than this.  






Written by: Simon Spurrier

Art by:  Rachael Stott

Cover by: Eric Canete and Jung Gi Kim

Release: 1/31/2018

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics


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