Lord Drakkon Legacy Figure Exclusively For Power Morphicon 2018

We have all been clamoring for it and it’s finally happening. We are getting our first BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers action figure and it’s non-other than Lord Drakkon! Yesterday, Power Morphicon 6 announced that Lord Drakkon’s Legacy figure from Bandai America will be an exclusive that you can only get at Power Morphicon 2018.

Power Morphicon 6 is the world’s largest and most recognized Power Rangers convention held every two years. The event is taking place on August 17-19th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California. The figure will be available for a presale when purchasing a membership. To learn more click here.  The figures will set you back $50 each, but let’s be honest, Power Ranger’s convention exclusive retain their value very well and it’s something we’ve been wanting for a long time!

Each buyer will be limited to the number of figures they can purchase. Here’s the breakdown:

•Platinum Memberships can purchase up to 10 figures.
•Gold Memberships can purchase up to 6 figures.
•Silver Memberships can purchase up to 4 figures.
•Red Memberships can purchase up to 2 figures.
•Blue Memberships can purchase up to 2 figures.
•Yellow Memberships can purchase up to 2 figures.

Lord Drakkon’s popularity in the BOOM! Studios is a welcomed changed. These figures are expected to go fast especially since Jason David Frank announced he’s doing a one-time appearance as the character at Power Morphicon 6.

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  1. Sweet!!!
    I purchased the non-attending Blue Ranger package and 2 of the figures since I am unable to attend PMC 2018.
    I am a very big fan of Jason David Frank, not just as a Power Ranger (5 different times) but as Bloodshot for the Valiant Universe (via Bat in the Sun) and as an inspirational person to everyone. I dig the inspirational quotes JDF post to Facebook, I like how they build up your confidence and make you believe in yourself.