Kevin Smith Thinks He Knows Why Fans Hated STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

Out of all of the Star Wars films, The Last Jedi is the most divisive to date. Even though its made over a Billion dollars in the global box office, it has a 50% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and it has garnered a ton of fan backlash.

We’ve had explanations from Disney, director Rian Johnson, Lucasfilm and even some of the cast which is unheard of for a Star Wars film.

On his Fat Man on Batman podcast over the weekend, Kevin Smith explains that fan expectations are the real reason that there is so much hate for The Last Jedi and specifically, the portrayal of Luke Skywalker. Smith says that Star Wars fans expected the Luke that they grew up with. Smith even thinks the way they promoted Luke on advertising gave fans expectations that never happened. Smith said:

“I think at the end of the day audience expectation plays into that. Like when, you know, you’re like ‘alright the next movie is going to be all about Luke and I’ve seen Luke in the trailer and I know exactly who Luke Skywalker is and now he looks like Obi-Wan so he’s going to be like this version of Obi-Wan,’ and then they give you a version of Luke that even Mark Hamill reportedly was like ‘I don’t know, is this really supposed to be Luke Skywalker? He’s not the one I remember.'”

Smith went on to talk about how since Rian Johnson failed to deliver what Star Wars were expecting, they had the reaction to hate the film:

“Some people, it hit them the wrong way in a big way. I’ve seen, it’s not just people going like, ‘oh, I didn’t like it,’ when they don’t like it. It’s vitriolic, as if somebody f$%ked up their childhood.”

There are plenty of reasons why fans have had such hate for The Last Jedi. From Rey’s parents being nobodies to Snoke having no origin story, hands down the way Johnson portrayed Luke was the biggest no-no.

You can hear more about what the Smith had to say about all the fan backlash for The Last Jedi on The Fat Man on Batman podcast.

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    • And some people have no clue that a movie should be well made, free from ridiculous plot holes and whole sections of a movie that isn’t even necessary aside from giving a few characters something to do. Putting aside all the issues with character development this movie is poorly laid out. On top of this the entire series is poorly planned, unlike the Marvel hero movies. They are piece mealing this series out by the movie and it shows.

      The people who like this movie are either willfully ignoring its execution and legacy handling, have been weaned on terrible CG crap fests over the last 20 years and don’t care about plot (see Transformers) or are simply casual fans who don’t care about anything other than seeing stuff explode.

      So the idiots may not like it but they have incredibly well thought out reasons as to why not unlike your half @ssed insult thrown out in the form of criticism.

  1. I didn’t hate the movie, but it had several miss steps. From Poe doing a “your mama joke” and saying “Hux… with an H” there is no H in Aurebesh. To most importantly, not killing off Leia. They should have killed off Leia in this film and then Luke in the next one. This is the only Star Wars film we knew in advance that a major character HAD to die. And they didn’t kill off the right one. The director knew nearly a year in advance of the release that Carrie wouldn’t be in the next one. So they could have spent that time re-working the movie a bit to fix it. Sure it would have cost five million dollars to have Leia pilot the ship and give her life saving the rebellion, but it would have been a perfect end for a great character. Instead Johnson has done a big FU to the next director to work his way out of this mess.