Huge Plot Twist Revealed in Star Trek Discovery Episode 12 – Vaulting Ambition *SPOILERS*

Ever since Star Trek: Discovery launched on CBS All Access, fans and critics alike have been formulating theories about the characters, the universe, and the overall story arc of the season. In the past few episodes some of the more popular theories have been proven right and a couple have been proven wrong. One of the biggest theories among the show’s detractors is that the entire show has been taking place in the Mirror Universe and not the Prime universe as we’ve been told. This theory came about as a way to explain why so many things are different and why the tone of the show isn’t exactly what people are used to when watching Star Trek. While that specific theory has been put to rest as being untrue, other theories involving Voq, Tyler, and Lorca (that I wasn’t completely sold on) have been proven to be true. In the video above the, Josh, Jordan, and Sam from our YouTube channel Pop Culture Renegades discuss the most recent episode and the huge reveal about Captain Lorca.

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