Final STAR WARS REBELS Episodes Details Announced

I’m a huge Star Wars Rebels fan, and when it was announced at last years Star Wars Celebration that this was going to be the final season, I was deeply saddened.

The season so far has been a bit mediocre to be honest and it looks like the final 5 episodes won’t give us that much time longer to share with Ezra and team of the Ghost. I myself wished they’d get away from Lothal.

Now, as the series returns for the second half of its fourth season, Star Wars Rebels fans get the episode descriptions for Wolves at the Door and A World Between Worlds.

According to Comic BookWolves at the Door, the 12th episode of Star Wars Rebels season 4, is set to debut on March 10 this year.  In the episode, fans get to watch how “Ezra and the Ghost crew learn the Empire has plans for the Jedi Temple on Lothal.”

Then the week after that,  the 13th episode titled, A World Between Worlds will air. The episode description reads: “While the other rebels engage the Imperial forces outside the Jedi Temple, Ezra gains access inside and experiences a revelation.”

Here are the other descriptions of the series’ midseason return episodes:

  • Jedi Night – The Ghost Crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters on Lothal to save one of their own.
  • DUME – Reeling from a devastating loss, the Ghost crew rallies together to find a new purpose and resolve.

While the challenges that the Ghost crew have to face in most of the upcoming episodes seem to be relatively manageable, DUME’s description seems to be a bit worrying. Will one of our favorite characters die? I honestly think Kanen has been on the chopping block ever since the last season. It would make sense for the growth of Ezra, for him to pass.

There’s no official date for Star Wars Rebels midseason return,  expect the series to come back on February 24.

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