Fans Are Happy About The First STAR WARS EPISODE IX Details

Star Wars Episode IX

Since the release of The Last Jedi, Star Wars fans have been very hard to make happy.

Even though The Last Jedi has brought in over a billion dollars worldwide, all the fan backlash about the film has surprised Disney and Lucasfilm.

With JJ Abrams directing the next film before Ryan Johnson’s trilogy, fans hope JJ can undo some of Johnson’s wrongs.

Star Wars Youtube channel Mike Zeroh revealed some of the latest information on the 2019 release.

He said: “We have exciting news today. John Williams is now confirmed to be on board for Episode 9. We heard he will be part of Solo: A Star Wars Story, doing the main theme. When it comes to Episode 9 he will be doing the entire score for the final film in the sequel trilogy.

“Whether or not this will be his final film in the Star Wars franchise is a big question.”

The 84-year-old has yet to say if he’ll return for Johnson’s trilogy, but all fingers point to he will.

Zeroh adds: “We are getting an Anthology film in the Star Wars universe every single year after Episode 9.”

Episode IX is set to release in 2019 so expect production to start in the summer.

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